Our mission is to shift the conversation away from conventional beauty standards towards our vision of Perfectly Natural, which includes sustainability practices, ingredients, community, and a wellness way of life.


We've partnered with Green Spark and Plastic Bank to rescue ocean-bound plastic bottles. For every plastic bottle purchased on our website we will rescue two ocean-bound plastic bottles.

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Some products’ packaging are made with Sugarcane Bio-resin material and Post consumer recycled material (PCR).  Bio-resin is free of any petroleum ingredients and help reduce waste, greenhouse gases and carbon footprint than conventional packaging materials. In addition, we use vegetable derived ink for the printed paper packaging. We will continue to strengthen our efforts to contribute to environmental protection and social responsibility.


Our formulas are plant-powered, non-GMO, and made with 70% or more organic content whenever possible. In addition, we ban over 1,500+ ingredients that may be harmful to the environment.

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All of our products are Leaping Bunny certified and cruelty-free. In addition, we have 10 USDA Organic certified items and 7 COSMOS Organic certified items. These certifications hold the highest sourcing and agriculture standards.


We've partnered with 1% For The Planet and donate 1% of skincare sales to enviromental causes.

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