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Organic Herbal Tea Soothing Chamomile & Peppermint


a delicious, mint-flavored, usda certified herbal tea

Made in collaboration with renowned master tea blenders Harney & Sons, this soothing blend of organic chamomile, peppermint and lemon balm contains a hint of nutmeg and is USDA certified organic. Try this deliciously calming brew whenever you want to unwind and relax. 20 sachets, 1.4 oz./40 g each.

Made with 4 certified-organic ingredients

key ingredients

  • lemon balm – calming; helps reduce stress and anxiety; light mint flavor
  • chamomile – helps promote sleep; helps calm upset stomach
  • nutmeg – helps improve blood circulation; delicious spice flavor
  • peppermint – relaxing; flavorful
  • properties

    • soothing
    • a delicious spicy, minty blend


    • great for overall health
    • great for relaxing before bed


    • bring water to a boil
    • use one sachet for each cup of tea
    • allow tea to steep for 5 minutes
    • enjoy


    Lemon balm*, chamomile*, nutmeg*, peppermint*


    * Certified Organic

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