Our Partnership with Green Spark & Plastic Bank


In partnership with Greenspark & Plastic Bank, we are committed to stopping plastic from entering our oceans and increasing our efforts to contribute to environmental protection and social responsibility. For every plastic bottle purchased on...

What Does Clean Beauty Mean?


I’m sure by now you've heard of the Clean Beauty Movement. But how clean is clean beauty?   The term ‘clean beauty’ is entirely unregulated and leaves a lot of room...

Three Ingredient-Inspired Mocktails


The beauty of the hero ingredients chosen for John Masters Organics products is that they are sourced from Mother Nature herself. Many of our favorite ingredients are those you can...

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Spring Break Survival Kit


It’s finally spring and the sun is beginning to emerge from behind grey clouds, heavy layers are being shed in favor of tees, shorts and sandals, and spring break is...

(Digital) Detox this Holiday Season


In the modern world where we’re pushed to go, go, go, scroll endlessly, hit “reply,” and double-tap to like, we may not even realize that our sleep issues, stress, and...

A Rose Ritual Just for You


Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to show those you love how much you care. It’s also a moment to celebrate your own inner beauty by pampering yourself with indulgent,...