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I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your products. I have super sensitive acne prone skin and it's so hard to try new things and not resort to chemical products. I am so happy with the jojoba cleanser and rose mist. My skin looks so amazing. I carry it around with me just to show people, I really can't stop talking about it. Keep doing what you're doing, because it's working! I can't wait to explore your brand more--woohoo! I wish I could buy one of everything and throw out all the other crap in my bathroom--haha!

- Jennifer

I've been a customer for about three years now, so it's time to let others know that your products, quality-wise are the best when it comes to being organic, chemical-free, and planet-earth-friendly. I bought your products from Whole Foods and from your online store all these years, but since WFM has a limited selection most of the time, I'm now ordering all the John Masters products I prefer online. These are the products that I have tried so far and can highly recommend to those who value quality and comparable price:
zinc & sage shampoo with conditioner
deep scalp follicle treatment & volumizer for thinning hair
mandarin maximum moisture
blood orange & vanilla body milk
evening primrose shampoo for dry hair
bare unscented shampoo for all hair types
lavender rosemary shampoo for normal hair
shine on
vitamin c anti-aging face serum
As a 64 years old grandmother of four, my family and friends loved to compliment my skin and complexion notwithstanding the harsh treatment I subjected my skin to as a sun worshiper from the Orient. Keep up the good work and are the Best!

- Alice

I just wanted to give you positive feedback on the pet shampoo!! I love it !! We rescued our first dog in March , tried one other shampoo, (that had horrible smell) before I realized you ALSO have products for pets! I have been a loyal customer for years, and now our Mia can be pampered by your amazing products too!!


I just wanted to send you guys a quick e-mail and point out that YOU ROCK! I absolutely love every single John Masters product I have tried! I love that everything is eco-friendly, that your shampoos have no sulfates or sulfites, and that everything smells happy! :-) For years I had used Aveda products almost exclusively until I found out about your company. I still consider Aveda to be great, but you guys have totally turned me into a John Masters convert! Keep doing what you're doing - it works for me - and if it works for me, I'm sure it's working for others too. ;-)


Thanks for products that work! I had given up on anything external helping, but she made me believe again that applications could help. So I tried the hair restore shampoo and conditioner, and my hair looks like real hair again. Then I had a feeling you had a skin product that would help me. I tried your Argan oil on a squamous cell cancer that has had a large red scab for 5 years. I realize you're not going to believe this, but I've been controlling the growth with fasting and raw food, but could never get the scab to close. Then the first night with Argan oil it closes and the skin looks all skin colored which is an amazing doesn't solve the cancer, but all the other plant acids inflammed it..while the Argan oil soothes and heals in some way. It gives me enough relief from the viewing of strangers to relax and heal from inside. I don't know why your products are good. Mostly people manufacture pretty looking garbage. I thank you.


I just started moving to Organic products of my face and body and found John Masters online. I started using the Pomegranate Facial Nourishing Oil 2 weeks ago on my face and neck and I am in love with how this makes my skin feel. It is not too heavy or too light and when I wake up in the morning, my skin still feels moisturized and soft. It also smells amazing and I look forward to using it every night. I am now 50 and use this along with the Rose Foaming Face Wash and this combination is doing great things for my skin. I am working through some hair care samples so I can start to add those to my regimen as well. Thank you so much for your amazing and healthy products that are also effective! that didn't irritate my scalp. Thank you so much.

- Karen

Thank you for your unscented, sodium lauryl sulfate-free hair care. I have severe eczema and it took me 30 years to find your shampoo that didn't irritate my scalp. Thank you so much.

- Lucy

I'm 2/3 of the way through the bottle of Vitamin C Serum and plan to order more soon. I am 67 years old, with some sun damage from pre-sunblock skiing at high altitudes when I was in my twenties. Suddenly my skin has a brightness that's a step above its usual appearance. I'm a substitute teacher, and this week a seventh-grade boy was dumbfounded when I told him I could be his grandmother. I've gotten used to that kind of reaction, and a big part of it is the Vitamin C Serum! Yesterday I dropped in on one of my girlfriends--we've been good friends for 20 years--and when she opened the door, her eyes widened and she said, "You look amazing! What are you doing?" What an easy, affordable, good-smelling, and benign way to look healthy and vibrant! I shudder to think of the invasive and painful treatments that other women undergo to achieve this result! Thank you!

- Carol

Dear Sir/Madam - I am writing this email to tell you how much I like John Masters Organics products! The rosemary shampoo and citrus detangler are the most decent hair products I have ever used. Also, I have found eight samples in my package and that is amazing! You are doing a great job and I hope JMO could keep moving on. People will find and adore you with this great quality and reputation. Thank you very much!

- Emma

I just wanted to thank you for creating this wonderful line of products. After I was diagnosed with allergies to ingredients found in typical hair care products, I had almost resigned myself to a life of using horrible, clinical products that did nothing for my hair. But then I found your products, and the product junkie in me rejoiced! Not only are they safe for me to use, but they really do what they say they'll do, and they do a far better job of it than typical salon brands. And they're full of stuff that I know I don't have to be worried about putting on my skin. Keep up the good work -- I will be here buying almost everything you make! Best,


Hello...I wanted to give you some customer feedback and let you know that I really enjoy every product I've purchased from this brand. When I was younger, I had a really harsh skin condition that made my lips horrible, and I couldn't wear any type of cosmetics or moisturizers, as it would irritate my skin. I healed, but since then, my lips and skin seems much more sensitive than before. So in my adult life, I've made the switch to healthier, more organic products that are nourishing and don't contain the harsh chemicals. I am actually a professional makeup artist, so I try to incorporate natural products when I can, and give my skin a chance to breathe as often as possible. I started out with the Lip Calm product. I'm gradually replacing many products with John Masters products for normal to oily skin, and I'm loving them. I'm really grateful for this line because I find that organic skincare can be very pricey, and this range is effective and affordable. Basically, I simply wanted to say thank you. I feel that people never hesitate to complain when they are unhappy with purchases, but rarely take the time to say thank you. I have also reviewed this lip balm on my website, Beauty in the Eyes. Hopefully, that will help direct others out there to these fabulous products. :) Thanks again,


Good morning, I recently purchased your Sweet Orange Styling gel and I want to say it is a wonderful product. I have a short haircut and so many things make my hair so greasy or weighed down. I have fine textured hair but I have a lot of it so I was looking for something to put in my hair after a shower to give it manageability before using the product I use for a textured look. Your product is phenonmenal!!!!! It smells divine..and is not greasy even with over use and does not dry out my hair. Fantastic!! Your styling gel is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!


I would like to thank you for your amazing line of hair and skin products. Ever since I have been using John Masters hair products I have noticed a enormous change! My hair is healthier, softer and silkier. I haven't had such an impact from using a product until I used John Masters shampoo and conditioner. I also purchased your leave in conditioning mist which I absolutely love! Because of the wonderful impact John Masters products has had on my hair, I purchased the jojoba exfoliating cleanser which has done miracles for me! The redness on my face went away, and my face looks and feels flawless. For Christmas gifts I bought all my friends and family JM products and so far they love what it's doing for them. Thank you again for such amazing products!


I feel compelled to write and tell you that your dry hair nourisher and defrizzer has, literally, completely changed the texture of my hair from its overly dry, coarse normal state to a lush, soft mop that I kind of can't help but run my hands through several times a day. I've always had dry hair, but since I've been going gray, its become ever coarser and more frizzy. Just to give you an idea, I can't wash it more than once every five days or so or else it turns into a total frizz mop. I've been putting five to six drops of your defrizzer in twice a day (yes, it's that dry) and finally at almost age 50 I, no stranger to hair product, finally enjoy the feeling (and look!) of my hair. The fact that your product costs considerably less than most of the other hair oils I've been buying makes me all the happier. Thanks so much for such a great product.


I just wanted to compliment your fabulous deep scalp follicle treatment & volumizer. I've been trying to grow out my hair for almost three years now, but because of how much damage its been through it just wouldn't budge- until I bought your product. I never write to companies or even reviews but this one definitely deserved the email and recognition. Once again, fabulous product! Thank you so much. I will most certainly be visiting your site more often.


I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your hydrating mask is. Most masks are for oily skin. It's so heavenly to find a mask made specifically for dry & mature skin. I find the mask so soothing as well as hydrating. It smells lovely too. Thanks again for another wonderful product (I use all your dry/mature skin care and shampoo/conditioners & styling products and love them all!)


I'd like to start off by saying, I came across your products after reading Jessica Alba's book and thought it would be good to find skin and hair care products that I love and that are not full of chemicals. I adore your products so fantastic, they smell amazing and feel great. I use all your products from Body milk, hair care, skin care and sunscreen, I am a little addicted. Keep doing an amazing job, I love your products.


I recently discovered your products out here in the San Francisco Bay Area at a Whole Foods. I am sold! Not only are your ingredients natural, they actually are extremely effective. I have been telling my mom, sister-in-law and friends about your product line. I am thrilled to see from your website that you are carried by so many different vendors all across the country. Thank you for your excellent products!


I already loved spritzing my face & my daughter's face with your fabulous lavender hydrating mist, but I've now discovered another use for it that is just amazing for air drying my wavy/curly dry hair....I mist your Lavender Hydrating Mist all over my hair then immediately rub several drops of your Argan Oil between my hands and smooth over my hair. This is such an amazing combination for air-dried hair that has a little bit of light frizz to it from the air drying - it takes all the frizz away and adds a lovely healthy shine. I thought perhaps you might want to add that to the list of uses for each product on your website, so that other customers who air-dry their hair might want to try the two in combination as I do! Love it! (the combo works great as a team, individually each product is lovely for other uses but together are amazing duo for hair!) Thanks again for all your incredible products. We own & use so many of them that my husband said the other night "I feel like John Masters is a member of our family now!" because our whole shower stall and bathroom counter are full of JMO products :)


I just wanted to inform John Masters Organics that I've been using the 100% Argan Oil as a day and night moisturizer for 3 months now and soon after i began using it, my blemishes went away. My face is now clear - not from the topical medication my Dermatologist prescribed me- but from the argan oil. Thanks!


Aloha - Thank you so much for your thoughtfully created and healthy products - good for my body and face and good for mother earth. I have extremely problematic skin and your products are the only line that works for me and I have tried so many and spent a fortune on other products that have not worked. I have rosacea, skin cancer, occasional pimples, extreme sensitivity, and of course getting quite a few wrinkles :) How delightful to have natural products that sooth my rosacea, protect me from the sun (I surf regularly), clear up the pimples, do not irritate my skin, and help slow down aging and smooth out wrinkles. Much gratitude to you. I wrote earlier but I forgot to thank you for one additional thing. I very much appreciate your free shipping. This made the difference of whether or not I was going to place the order. The product prices are slightly beyond my budget (but worth it so I do it any how) so the free shipping helps a lot. Thank you! Much Peace,


Simply put, these are an outstanding products. I have been using the Hair Pomade, Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructing shampoo and conditioner for almost 3 years now. Top products made with certified-organic extracts ensures the highest quality and result. This is the only brand I trust. I am pleased that the Hair Pomade got the USDA-certified organic formula. These products nourish my scalp and increase moisture and shine while making my hair smooth, more manageable and providing organic nutrients for a healthy look. I have used Mandarin Maximum Moisture samples and it instantaneously nourished my skin, bringing balance and sealing in moisture for smoother, younger-looking skin. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for such great products.


I bought your Lavender Hydrating Mist one day by accident. I was in Whole Foods in LA and walking down the aisle to find another product to help with my jangled nerves: I had had a morning of missed connections and terrible travel. My face felt dirty, hot and grimey. I was blaming the air quality of LA and the stress. As I walked past the John Masters display, another customer actually sprayed the mist near me! I grabbed a bottle for myself and doused my face. Then I remembered how great lavender is for my whole body, so I spritzed my hair as well. I will never travel without this again. (In fact, on my last trip I forgot my bottle, and getting another was my first stop after the plane!) I find it so important for relief from the caustrophobic air in the airplane cabin (I spritz it on my scarf and cover my face a bit. Won't stain my scarf and helps me relax). I also use it to continually freshen up my face and hair when I'm traveling. And, because it's just a hydrosol, I can spray it anywhere around me as well just to keep my immediate environment fresh smelling. Because of the size, I can carry it on the plane in my purse. When i forgot my last bottle and had to quickly replace it, I went to Whole Foods again (since I knew they carried it) and asked for a cheaper brand. I found another, but thank goodness they had a tester i tried: It was like a cheap perfume! Then I read the label for the other brand - they had glycerin in their supposedly pure mix. So much for trying to cut corners.. I'll be using this from now on. Thank you so much - I really can't see traveling without this product. Makes me happy and my skin and hair happy too!


For years I have gone back and forth to the dermatologist. I have used prescription creams, washes and antibiotics for my skin. I have always suffered from acne as a result of stress and my age. It has been an endless search of trying to find a product that would actually work on my skin. For the first time (since I can remember), my skin is clear and nearly perfect thanks to the Bearberry line. I have told everyone I know about John Masters' miracle products and I cannot say enough good things about your skincare. Thank you for restoring my confidence and I look forward to trying more products.


I just finished my first jar of Shine On, I used it on myself and my 9 year old daughter's curly/wavy hair. It has been absolutely miraculous! It does everything it says in the description - it moisturizes, smoothes frizz and adds noticeable shine. It also is fun to use! I am so very impressed with each and every hair product that we have tried, we rotate through all of them on a regular basis - it's like having an organic spa in our bathroom. I also use your skin care products, they are a daily treat to use, and although I love them all, the Vitamin C Serum and Mandarin Maximum Moisture are just out of this world fabulous! Please don't stop making any of these incredible products - they've been so wonderful to use at our house! Best regards,

-Carol & family

I absolutely adore your zinc and sage shampoo/conditioner in one. I swim daily and shower outside and find this shampoo & conditioner my most favorite hair care product. It's not only so convenient to have just one product to use out there, but it is so above quality wise than any other I've ever tried. Actually, nothing even close to compare; John Masters excels!!!!!


It took me 20 years to find you...I am ashamed! Your products are not only impressive but work! Organic and green in the same package, who would have thought. You are remarkable. I began a year ago using your vitamin C facial anti aging serum. Irish, fair skin and over 60...pleases me everyday. Thanks, I'm a devoted.


Last night, I tried the Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment and Volumizer for the first time. I was very pleased with the results!! I have thin, fine hair and my scalp can be seen. However, after using this product and styling my hair, my scalp was not clearly visible. My hair looked fuller! This definitely gives me more confidence and less self-conscious. I'm going to continue using the Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment and Volumizer, hoping the results will continue to be positive.


The new Cacao hand cream is amazing. I just received mine today and as you mention on the back of the tube, it was a very firm consistency due to being cold from the UPS truck and weather here when it arrived so I just let it sit out on my nightstand for the rest of day and it was a perfect consistency this evening. It smelled so heavenly of cocoa that it motivated me to send you a thank you note. My family & I have really been enjoying trying all your products - what excellent ingredients.