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I'm 2/3 of the way through the bottle of Vitamin C Serum and plan to order more soon. I am 67 years old, with some sun damage from pre-sunblock skiing at high altitudes when I was in my twenties. Suddenly my skin has a brightness that's a step above its usual appearance. I'm a substitute teacher, and this week a seventh-grade boy was dumbfounded when I told him I could be his grandmother. I've gotten used to that kind of reaction, and a big part of it is the Vitamin C Serum! Yesterday I dropped in on one of my girlfriends--we've been good friends for 20 years--and when she opened the door, her eyes widened and she said, "You look amazing! What are you doing?" What an easy, affordable, good-smelling, and benign way to look healthy and vibrant! I shudder to think of the invasive and painful treatments that other women undergo to achieve this result! Thank you!

- Carol

I just finished my first jar of Shine On, I used it on myself and my 9 year old daughter's curly/wavy hair. It has been absolutely miraculous! It does everything it says in the description - it moisturizes, smoothes frizz and adds noticeable shine. It also is fun to use! I am so very impressed with each and every hair product that we have tried, we rotate through all of them on a regular basis - it's like having an organic spa in our bathroom. I also use your skin care products, they are a daily treat to use, and although I love them all, the Vitamin C Serum and Mandarin Maximum Moisture are just out of this world fabulous! Please don't stop making any of these incredible products - they've been so wonderful to use at our house! Best regards,

-Carol & family

It took me 20 years to find you... I am ashamed! Your products are not only impressive but work! Organic and green in the same package, who would have thought. You are remarkable. I began a year ago using your vitamin C facial anti aging serum. Irish, fair skin and over 60...pleases me everyday. Thanks, I'm a devoted.


I positively LOVE the Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum! I have been using it for a couple of months and no one can believe I am in my 40's. My skin is dewy and hydrated and the few wrinkles I have do not even show anymore. Thank you!


About a year ago, I read of JMO in No More Dirty Looks (or on authors' sites) and began using your hair and "Mature" skin care products, as I entered my 50s. I have very fair, thin, sensitive skin, which is irritated by many, many products. Vitamin C Serum is a fantastic moisturizer, which I use alone or with the Mandarin Maximum Moisturizer, day and night, depending upon weather, location (Washington, DC and FL). The Vitamin C Serum is lovely and light - yet deliciously rich and moisturizing; can't get enough of this magic potion! My major concern has been brown pigmentation caused by allergic food reactions over the years (teeny blisters which left brown scars). As promised, these products are slowly, but surely, dimming those pigmented areas, leaving my skin looking and feeling so fresh and healthy :-) Pomegranate oil is wonderful alternative at night and is quickly absorbed; I think I can feel it tightening and brightening! Fantastic eye gel, too. It is amazing that these few little bottles can achieve so much! I add my deep appreciation to the others on your site; thank you for creating such intelligent, clean, gentle, efficacious skin and hair care products! No more nasty chemicals, irritating preservatives or faux fragrances! Just gorgeous, clear, hydrated skin - HOORAY!!

PS - My shiny, bouncy, naturally-curly hair thanks you, too :-)

In an era where I've come to regard advertising as exploitation and manipulation, the JMO products are a breath of fresh air. From beautiful containers to contents that do what the beautiful packaging says they will do, I absolutely love all of the JMO hair and skin products! It was not long ago that I discovered them, but now I'll never be without them. I use the Vitamin C serum and without question can see the results. Though only on my second bottle, my skin is overall much improved (clearer complexion, smaller pores, general improved appearance and tone, and it feels so soft!). Thank you, John, for the most incredible product line I have ever encountered. And that it is environmentally responsible is both a prerequisite and icing on the cake for me. I applaud your high standards and vision.


I have very dry skin and I have been searching for a skin product which can help to keep my skin hydrated. I was thinking of organic skin product and accidentally came across John Masters. I was lucky that the vitamin C anti-aging face serum worked so well. It had amazing result and my skin didn't feel tight anymore. I've purchased their moisturizers and hopefully will it do the same to my skin. The best part was free shipping and I received the product in two days after I placed the order.


I have to tell you that I am loving ALL of my JMO products. But I wanted to let you know that I am ESPECIALLY loving the Pomegranate facial oil and the Vitamin C anti-aging serum. I can really tell a difference in the short time that I have been using it and the pomegranate is making my face feel SOOOO soft Thanks again!


This product is amazing! I discovered it several years ago. I just turned 50 and people never believe them when I say my age because of the quality of my skin. I have no wrinkles, no age spots, no blemishes, no dermatologist, nada! This serum is THE best. Thanks! Keep making this serum.


AMAZING! Your Vitamin C serum is continuing to work wonders on my skin. It has never been better -- truly never. And I am looking younger. All of you wonderful people there are creating some great products and some mighty good Karma too! I have thought to use the C Serum as an all over body rub -- my face loves it -- so my body would too. All my best to you and my great thanks for creating beautiful and healing products!


I can't describe how much I love this product..I got it from someone who works at a magazine. The beauty editor gave it to her and she passed it on. I 100% believe that my sunspots have faded after using the Vitamin C serum .. I dont know if that is what it claims to do..but it does it...I pray you never stop selling this product...


I just started using the Vitamin C Serum -- I am 46 yrs old -- and my skin has improoved greatly since using it. It is much firmer, and smoother. I was starting to feel a bit old -- and now I am a happy woman with great skin again! ALL of your products that I use are fabulous -- it is really amazing that you have created products for hair, face and body that work beautifully for me. One Stop Shopping! Thank you very much.


After using countless brands of Vitamin C serums, I have objectively and definitively named yours as the Top Pick, Numero Uno, Big Kahuna of all Vitamin C Serums available. I wish that I could tell you that I am an editor of some fancy schmancy fashion or trade magazine, but alas, I am only a devoted consumer who is absolutely and positively enchanted and enamored with your product(s). I like your hair stuff too.

Many thanks for such superior and thoughtful products. Your Devoted Fan,

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I am finding your Vitamin C Serum. I have been using it for several weeks and my skin is just so amazingly smooth. I really cannot believe it! I have used lots of products (I am 51 and a makeup junkie), but nothing has ever matched this serum. I am just so pleased and happy and am recommending you to all my friends. I just purchased the firming eye gel and am hoping for great results with that also. Thanks for making such great organic products.


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