lavender hydrating mist for skin & hair

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I already loved spritzing my face & my daughter's face with your fabulous lavender hydrating mist, but I've now discovered another use for it that is just amazing for air drying my wavy/curly dry hair....I mist your Lavender Hydrating Mist all over my hair then immediately rub several drops of your Argan Oil between my hands and smooth over my hair. This is such an amazing combination for air-dried hair that has a little bit of light frizz to it from the air drying - it takes all the frizz away and adds a lovely healthy shine. I thought perhaps you might want to add that to the list of uses for each product on your website, so that other customers who air-dry their hair might want to try the two in combination as I do! Love it! (the combo works great as a team, individually each product is lovely for other uses but together are amazing duo for hair!) Thanks again for all your incredible products. We own & use so many of them that my husband said the other night "I feel like John Masters is a member of our family now!" because our whole shower stall and bathroom counter are full of JMO products :)


I bought your Lavender Hydrating Mist one day by accident. I was in Whole Foods in LA and walking down the aisle to find another product to help with my jangled nerves: I had had a morning of missed connections and terrible travel. My face felt dirty, hot and grimey. I was blaming the air quality of LA and the stress. As I walked past the John Masters display, another customer actually sprayed the mist near me! I grabbed a bottle for myself and doused my face. Then I remembered how great lavender is for my whole body, so I spritzed my hair as well. I will never travel without this again. (In fact, on my last trip I forgot my bottle, and getting another was my first stop after the plane!) I find it so important for relief from the caustrophobic air in the airplane cabin (I spritz it on my scarf and cover my face a bit. Won't stain my scarf and helps me relax). I also use it to continually freshen up my face and hair when I'm traveling. And, because it's just a hydrosol, I can spray it anywhere around me as well just to keep my immediate environment fresh smelling. Because of the size, I can carry it on the plane in my purse. When i forgot my last bottle and had to quickly replace it, I went to Whole Foods again (since I knew they carried it) and asked for a cheaper brand. I found another, but thank goodness they had a tester i tried: It was like a cheap perfume! Then I read the label for the other brand - they had glycerin in their supposedly pure mix. So much for trying to cut corners.. I'll be using this from now on. Thank you so much - I really can't see traveling without this product. Makes me happy and my skin and hair happy too!


I keep both the Rose & Aloe Hydrating Mist and the Lavender Hydrating Mist in my gym bag. These work great for both before and after my workouts. Everyone in the gym lines up to get a spritz!


Thank you. I am now a repeat customer. I loved the lavender hydrating mist for skin and hair (as you can see by my order) and I am now trying another product.


I just want to say how much I love your products. I have dry sensitive skin and have tried several different organic skin care lines which left my face feeling more dry and irritated. I have been using the Linden Blossom cleanser , the lavender hydrating mist , and the Mandarin Maximum Moisture . My face feels wonderful. I also have mild rosacea which has caused some larger pores on my nose. The rest of my pores are small. After only one week of using the skin care products, the pores on my nose do not seem as apparent. I am also using the hair products and love those as well.


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