bearberry oily skin balancing & toning mist

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For years I have gone back and forth to the dermatologist. I have used prescription creams, washes and antibiotics for my skin. I have always suffered from acne as a result of stress and my age. It has been an endless search of trying to find a product that would actually work on my skin. For the first time (since I can remember), my skin is clear and nearly perfect thanks to the Bearberry line. I have told everyone I know about John Masters' miracle products and I cannot say enough good things about your skincare. Thank you for restoring my confidence and I look forward to trying more products.


I have been using the Bearberry toning mist and the Bearberry serum for several weeks now, and my 60+ year-old skin really likes these products. I have always had combination skin and still have a somewhat oily T-zone, but other parts of my face have become rather dry and are starting to show the typical signs of aging. Since using these two products, areas that have had some discoloration seem to be evening out, and overall my skin just looks healthier and almost has a glow that it hasn't had for a while. Though I have yet to find a John Masters product that I didn't like, some of the ones marketed specifically as anti-aging have not actually been as effective for my face as I am finding with these Bearberry products. In my case, at least, they are the best yet, and I am loving them. I follow them with the Rose and Apricot Antioxidant Day Creme, which is absolutely the best facial moisturizer I have ever used.


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