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I absolutely adore your zinc and sage shampoo/conditioner in one. I swim daily and shower outside and find this shampoo & conditioner my most favorite hair care product. It's not only so convenient to have just one product to use out there, but it is so above quality wise than any other I've ever tried. Actually, nothing even close to compare; John Masters excels!!!!!


Your normal hair shampoo, zinc shampoo, and lavender conditioner are amazing quality products! Please never stop making these! My whole family including my parents uses your products. Salon quality and organic!

I have suffered from an itchy scalp for at least three years and nothing has helped. All the shampoos and conditioners in your range had immediate impact in the texture and feel of my hair without making it greasy. My thin hair feels stronger and yet has lovely texture and smoothness without being weighed down by your products. I love the Sage shampoo and conditioner which I have subsequently bought and I have not had any problems with my scalp since and it smells delicious. I am actually pretty spoilt for choice with the range. John will have many happy customers, his products are fantastic and worth every penny and I shall still be using them in 20 years time and your lovely email and quick delivery system demonstrates your outstanding customer service.


In an era where I've come to regard advertising as exploitation and manipulation, the JMO products are a breath of fresh air. From beautiful containers to contents that do what the beautiful packaging says they will do, I absolutely love all of the JMO hair and skin products! It was not long ago that I discovered them, but now I'll never be without them. Specifically, I use the Zinc & Sage shampoo/conditioner. This I only recently discovered and absolutely love. It feels like medicine for my scalp and hair. I have curly, coarse hair that tends to dry out quickly. When moisturized it is lovely and when dry it is miserable! Because I have grown to associate shampooing with dry, frizzy hair for a day or two afterward, I limited shampooing to only a few times per week. That has changed with my discovery of the Zinc Sage shampoo! I actually look forward to shampooing and my hair feels great (soft, smooth, nourished) and my scalp feels like it's been to the spa and is no longer itchy. Thank you, John, for the most incredible product line I have ever encountered. And that it is environmentally responsible is both a prerequisite and icing on the cake for me. I applaud your high standards and vision.


Hello, I have been using your products for years and love them. The Zinc & Sage Shampoo with Conditioner is especially nourishing and hydrating in a high altitude climate. My sister recently purchased every hair care item available at Whole Foods in Denver and now loves your line too. We just wanted to say thanks and that we appreciate what you've created.


Your Zinc and Sage shampoo is the best on the market as I have tried them all. Why aren't John Masters products advertised on TV and made known to everyone? I was impressed about how my hair looked and felt. He is sitting on a gold mine with his products-the best shampoo I have ever used and I am 44 years old and have always had long hair. Thanks again. -Christine

I have to say, the Zinc/Sage 2-in-1 Shampoo is great. I’ve been looking for an SLS free, organic shampoo that would hydrate, not necessarily moisturize, and be able to do it in one step. I found the product expensive but it was what I had been looking for so I bought it. In one use, it’s ridded me of the static, fly-aways that were driving me crazy. My hair feels clean, but not stripped and it looks pretty good too. Thanks!


Dear John, I just wanted to take a moment to compliment you on your line of products, particularly the Zinc & Sage 2-in-1. My cousin was recently in town and had never been to Central Market here in Ft. Worth, TX. While we were roaming about the hair and skin care section, he pointed out your products (which I didn't know anything about) and gushed about the Zinc & Sage shampoo/conditioner. He unscrewed the cap, held the bottle under my nose, and I just about went weak in the knees. It is THE yummiest-smelling non-food I've ever had the pleasure of inhaling! I bought him a bottle of the stuff since he treated for dinner (who knew smelling your shampoo would top the dessert we had) and then swore that I would purchase a bottle after I'm done with my current product. After viewing your web site, it's a safe bet that a decent portion of my next paycheck will go towards purchasing copious amounts of your other products. I've also been spreading the word to all my friends on Facebook and am seeing them post lots of "Likes." I wish you much continued success! Thank you for making such lovely stuff that is so fabulous for us and for our Mother Earth. Bright Blessings!


I love your products, thank you! I never enjoyed washing my hair so much!


Since I started using your product regularly, my dandruff is all but gone and my hair loss is next to nothing. When I get out of the shower, my hair squeaks while drying it it's so clean and healthy. It's stronger then ever, my hairbrush just slides right through my hair, and I don't have to clean my hairbrush. You've earned a customer for life! P.S. It smells wonderful too. My house mates love it!


I can skip shampooing a day or two with [the Zinc and Sage shampoo w/conditioner ] and my hair (fine, thinning, strawberry blonde) looks as great as it did the first day! And besides that, the aroma is astoundingly wonderful! Also, I'm using the green tea and rose hydrating face serum and for 73 years old my skin glows with a radiance I haven't seen in a few years. I'm planning on trying other skin products.


I LOVE YOUR products! Thank you for making such wonderful natural products. I LOVE the coconut smell of the Zinc and Sage shampoo and the conditioner as well. They are for my son and I appreciate that the natural products smell so wonderful as well as work wonderful.


First of all I would like to compliment you on your organic hair range! I’ve tried many brands that claimed to be organic or holistic but looking at the back of the bottle I still could see a pile of "chemical" ingredients. I started to develop, just behind my ear on my scalp, a small round patch of Eczema and then I started looking for purely organic hair products, convinced that all these "chemicals" were causing a lot of damage to the skin (I had been using organic skincare already for a long time). Eventually, after some intensive internet searching I ran into your website and your products. And now, John, I am addicted to them and I always order them from the UK website. The smell is absolutely outrageously nice and I am a great fan of your Zinc & Sage shampoo, Neroli Detangler, Lavender & Avodaco conditioner, the Hibiscus Reconstructor, and the Volumizer for Thinning hair. But best of all, using your products my eczema actually fully disappeared and has never returned since; plus no more dandruff and no more itching scalp.


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