sweet orange & silk protein styling gel


Second Annual H20 Magazine Beauty Awards

Second Annual H20 Magazine Beauty Awards

Best Hair Gel:
First place: Sweet Orange and Vanilla Hair Gel
This alcohol-free formula contains hydrolyzed silk protein that adds body to hair.

2008 Natural Solutions Magazine - Beauty with a Conscience Awards

2008 Natural Solutions Beauty with a Conscience Awards

October 2008, John Masters Organics Sweet Orange and Vanilla Hair Gel won "Best Styling Gel" in the Beauty with a Conscience Awards, sponsored by Natural Solutions magazine. They say, "Finding a trustworthy hair gel that actually holds, let alone one that is natural, is no easy task. But this one held our style without weighing it down."

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Good morning, I recently purchased your Sweet Orange Styling gel and I want to say it is a wonderful product. I have a short haircut and so many things make my hair so greasy or weighed down. I have fine textured hair but I have a lot of it so I was looking for something to put in my hair after a shower to give it manageability before using the product I use for a textured look. Your product is phenonmenal!!!!! It smells divine..and is not greasy even with over use and does not dry out my hair. Fantastic!! Your styling gel is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!


I have recently become interested in organic products. I love your Honey and Hibiscus Hair Restructuring Shampoo and decided to try the Sweet Orange and Silk Protein Styling Gel. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how effective an organic product would be for volume and hold. I was very pleasantly surprised! This is now my favorite styling product. I had some of my previous product (another line) left over and was going to use it so as not to be wasteful but after getting such superior results from JMO styling gel, my previous product went in the trash. Thanks for making such a great product!


I absolutely LOVE your Sweet Orange & Silk Styling Gel!!! It is an AMAZING hair gel. I can't tell you how far and wide I've searched to find the right product. Since I've used this, so many people have commented on how thick my hair looks. I have fine hair- this gives it the perfect texture. I absolutely love this product. There is nothing on the market that comes close. It really is the best. It does not weigh my long hair down and gives it lots of body as well. LOVE IT! Thank you!


In an era where I've come to regard advertising as exploitation and manipulation, the JMO products are a breath of fresh air. From beautiful containers to contents that do what the beautiful packaging says they will do, I absolutely love all of the JMO hair and skin products! It was not long ago that I discovered them, but now I'll never be without them. A recent discovery is the Sweet Orange & Silk Protein Styling Gel. Finally a styling product that works on my hair! Controls in the best sense of the word (softens, smoothes and adds shine without the weight). Smells great too as do all of the JMO products! Thank you, John, for the most incredible product line I have ever encountered. And that it is environmentally responsible is both a prerequisite and icing on the cake for me. I applaud your high standards and vision.


I have very fine, shoulder-length hair, and this gel reallly gives it body! I love it!

-Ann Therese

I never feel compelled to contact companies about their products, but i will make an exception for you! I have naturally wavy hair that has been damaged beyond belief from a few bad bleach jobs followed by years of dyeing to try and get back to my normal hair colour... I am very eco-conscious, and have had SUCH a hard time trying to find products that actually are green, and not just say it. I did some research and found your company. I decided to try the protein gel and texturizer and I am amazed! Never has my hair felt soft and touchable after products and diffusing. I seriously cannot believe the difference after one use. I am hooked, and will never go back. Thank you for making products that are actually good for us :)

-A forever fan, Megan.

I tried the sweet orange hair gel after trying tons of products and this one seems to work for me, I have seborrhea since the day I was born and not only this gel is great for styling but also stopped the itching. Thanks a lot.


Well, I have tried many different 'natural' and 'organic' hair products over the years and yours absolutely CRUSHES them all! I just finished using the Lavender Rosemary Shampoo with the Honey and Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor and I am in love. I have naturally curly hair so to find something that works is nearly impossible. My mother purchased your styling gel (which I like to use also) and you had sent along samples...long story short I convinced the owner of my food co-op here in town to carry your line, now that she does I never have to be without! I am a political/Christian songwriter and am so up on the poisoning of our minds and bodies, I just want to thank you for making such a beautiful product. Blessings,

-Lisa Heinrichs

I just wanted to tell you thank you for making sensational products. My husband and I both love them! Your silk protein gel and orange/bourbon styling formula just re-awakened what I thought was a horrible haircut. Thank you for the free shipping, and for creating a product that is actually not harmful to one's health! I wish I lived in NYC. THANKS!!! Missing the big city in Raleigh, NC,


John Masters Organics sells an amazing line of products! the citrus neroli conditioner and silk protein styling gel will get you hooked on trying the entire line. all very high-end yet moderately priced and the glass bottles are wonderful to reuse once they're empty. since a little goes a long way with this line, they are a great value. i love the way my skin and hair look and feel since using this line. the company itself is a true environmental steward and you will be very impressed with the entire experience of odering from this company. i sell natural and organic bodycare at my workplace and i have tried a variety of nice products. john masters organics are the most "wow" line i've ever used. A+ for the company and the products!


I have recently purchased several of your haircare products at Whole Foods in Arlington, VA and have been very pleased. The hair gel and the intensive conditioner are both outstanding products.


In an endless search for truly organic hair care products that WORK (something I’ve been trying to find since I started my quest this past February) I saw something in the Green Guide and went to your website. I was surprised to find that a new, local organic store carried your line, so I was able to buy the John Masters Sweet Orange Styling Gel . I LOVE IT! I went to the website again to see your entire line. In doing so, I read a little more...and especially enjoyed the parts about Maya and Amber. I, too, have/had a beloved Golden Retriever that passed away due to complications of osteosarcoma in August 2006. So, I was touched by the photos (and brief story) of Amber. Thanks for your labor of love to provide the rest of us with truly chemical free products that really work. Best wishes!


I found Sweet Orange and Vanilla Hair Gel at Whole Foods. I have been in love with your hair products ever since. Thanks to your organic ingredients and great formulas, my hair looks healthier than ever! I look forward to seeing the same great results with your skincare.


It is so wonderful to see a product, an excellent product at that, which is without all the toxic chemicals and substances usually associated with gels etc. Compliments and congratulations on your wonderful work, you are a worthy example toward the (re)greening of our friendly planet. I use the sweet orange and silk protein gel and have never found a better product for fine hair!! Love you people and your product. Keep up the great work!


I am a long-term customer and wanted to let John know how much I still enjoy the Sweet Orange and Silk Protein Styling Gel. I noticed recently that the formula had been changed with a hefty dose of aloe and the Japanese honeysuckle. I can tell the difference in my hair and it is SO welcome. I had noticed on the last two bottles I used that the hold was not nearly as good and I couldn't figure out why. My hair is very thick, very wavy and quite long. I really thought it was something I was doing, but could not figure it out. When I tried the recent formula, I noticed that my hair had more hold. My waves looked awesome:) And, my hair was silky soft and so very shiny. I also want to make my standing request: please make a larger size. I tend to buy those bottles about every 3 months and it's gotten to the point where I have put you in my budget:) The last comment is that I actually had a stylist ask me what was the gel I was using in my hair. She had given me a trim and I told her that I used your product and now she is recommending it to her customers. She told me some of the others with polymers were breaking off her customers' hair, including the men. That was the reason I started using your product. I am always pleased to read about John and the company. You always put a smile on my face and I so appreciate your products. Much Love.


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