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The Green Beauty Bible Awards

The Green Beauty Bible Awards

Tried & Tested Hair Conditioner winner:
John Masters Organics Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor
‘The best thing ever! My hair was transformed into glossy, weighty, swingy stuff ; I looked as if I’d just come out of a very expensive salon’ ; ‘I loved this -- it smelt amazingly fruity: felt I should be eating it; made my thick, coarse hair feel soft, shiny and silky’ ; ‘good for my frizzy hair’.

Online praise

The St. Petersburg Times, (online edition), named John Masters Organics Honey and Hibiscus Hair Reconstructing Shampoo and Treatment one of their top three color-safe shampoos and conditioners, calling John Masters a green-movement pioneer.

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Simply put, these are an outstanding products. I have been using the Hair Pomade, Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructing shampoo and conditioner for almost 3 years now. Top products made with certified-organic extracts ensures the highest quality and result. This is the only brand I trust. I am pleased that the Hair Pomade got the USDA-certified organic formula. These products nourish my scalp and increase moisture and shine while making my hair smooth, more manageable and providing organic nutrients for a healthy look. I have used Mandarin Maximum Moisture samples and it instantaneously nourished my skin, bringing balance and sealing in moisture for smoother, younger-looking skin. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for such great products.


I have long hair (about mid-way down the back) that is naturally thick, straight, and is coloured every six weeks. I find that I do not need to shampoo or condition more than twice a week and have had GREAT results with the Honey & Hibiscus shampoo and reconstructor. These are the only products that somehow manage to brighten my red colour (I have red highlights in naturally very dark brown hair). We all know that red is the fastest colour that fades but by using the Honey shampoo and reconstructor, I am able to keep my reds going for over 10 weeks - and I always get asked if I've just freshly coloured my hair after I use those products.


In an era where I've come to regard advertising as exploitation and manipulation, the JMO products are a breath of fresh air. From beautiful containers to contents that do what the beautiful packaging says they will do, I absolutely love all of the JMO hair and skin products! It was not long ago that I discovered them, but now I'll never be without them. Specifically, I use the Honey & Hibiscus Reconstructor, which feels like a honey tonic for my hair, a deep drink from a fortified well of succulent honey. I sometimes leave it in (don't rinse out) with wonderful results. Thank you, John, for the most incredible product line I have ever encountered. And that it is environmentally responsible is both a prerequisite and icing on the cake for me. I applaud your high standards and vision.


Honey & Hibiscus hair re-constructor is the best. No other product has ever made my hair feel so healthy.


I wanted to tell you that the Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor is the first conditioner I have used as a teen and adult to come pretty darn close to getting most every tangle when I first try to run a comb through my long thick hair when wet and just out of the shower. You don't know how much of a miracle that is because I promise you there is absolutely nothing out there made that has worked to do that no matter how much they advertise that it will detangle. I could pay $500 for a product advertised to detangle (if there is such a thing, LOL) and I guarantee it still would not detangle like this one. Thanks again!


I have wavy highlighted hair that has seemed to get duller and frizzier every year. At 49 I still have to wash my hair every day, and blow it dry, and I felt like I was making it worse and worse. The first time I saw my stylist after finding your products, she asked me what I had changed. She said she had never seen such a dramatic change in the condition of anyone’s hair in six weeks. It was the middle of a very cold February, heat blasting, and my hair was soft and markedly better hydrated that at my previous visit. It’s also growing faster, according to my stylist. My simple routine is your Lavender Rosemary Shampoo, Honey Hibiscus Reconstructor (left on during shower, and left on wet hair overnight once a week), and your Dry Hair Nourisher and Defrizzer. I’m growing my hair longer these days because it’s so healthy, and raking in the compliments--I give all the credit to you when friends comment. My ends feel soft and blunt--like they were just cut. I love the fact that your website offers big bottles that save money and trips to the store--thanks for making such great products. I’m going to try the Vitamin C anti-aging serum next... I have very sensitive skin and am usually loathe to experiment, so this is a tribute to my trust, which your products have earned. If salons knew what a difference your products could make, they’d all use them in their sinks and sell them.


Well, I have tried many different 'natural' and 'organic' hair products over the years and yours absolutely CRUSHES them all! I just finished using the Lavender Rosemary Shampoo with the Honey and Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor and I am in love. I have naturally curly hair so to find something that works is nearly impossible.


Hi! I use your deep scalp treatment, honey reconstructor & I love it all! It has done wonders for my scalp & hair! I'm very excited to try the rest of your products! Thank you for offering smart organic products! Best

- Jenn

I am so blown away by how AMAZING my hair looks from using your products ( Lavender rosemary shampoo for normal hair, Lavender & avocado intensive conditioner, Honey & hibiscus hair reconstructor, Herbal Cider hair clarifier & color sealer). I have baby fine hair but a lot of it. Nothing has ever made my hair look and feel so RICH. I now have volume with bounce, moisture and shine! I have always had flat, limp, lifeless hair and i tried so so so many products to find they did nothing for my hair. But not anymore...Thank you, thank you! I am in love!!!.


Ordering was a breeze and I love that shipping was free. The package came quickly with a hair care sample too. I love John Masters Organics Honey Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor . It is deeply hydrating but doesn't leave your hair limp, and it smells divine! I do wish they would offer samples of their skin care though because I would love to try their sunscreen. Overall, they are a great company with great, more pure and natural products than most!


First of all I would like to compliment you on your organic hair range! I’ve tried many brands that claimed to be organic or holistic but looking at the back of the bottle I still could see a pile of "chemical" ingredients. I started to develop, just behind my ear on my scalp, a small round patch of Eczema and then I started looking for purely organic hair products, convinced that all these "chemicals" were causing a lot of damage to the skin (I had been using organic skincare already for a long time). Eventually, after some intensive internet searching I ran into your website and your products. And now, John, I am addicted to them and I always order them from the UK website. The smell is absolutely outrageously nice and I am a great fan of your Zinc & Sage shampoo, Neroli Detangler, Lavender & Avocado conditioner, the Hibiscus Reconstructor, and the Volumizer for Thinning hair. But best of all, using your products my eczema actually fully disappeared and has never returned since; plus no more dandruff and no more itching scalp.


Yahoo! The 10 beauty products our editors could not live without John Masters Organics Hair Reconstructor The best for my dry ends. I rub in a huge dollop of it and leave it in throughout the entire shower.

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