herbal cider hair clarifier & color sealer

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I just wanted to let your company know how much my wife and I respect your incredible herbal cider and highly effective citrus and neroli detangler. It is so rare in this economy for a company to have such quality hair care products for a reasonable cost and I wanted to give John Masters my wholehearted appreciation. I plan on purchasing John Masters products a lot this year for my wife and my friends and look forward to many more years of enjoyment and reliability from your company. My wife is planning on letting her friends at her local Mom's Club know how great John Masters is at her monthly meeting in the beginning of next month. You guys are a true success and I am also thinking about writing some reviews for John Masters herbal cider and citrus and neroli detangler on Vitaminshoppe.com and Epinions.com. Please thank everybody involved in making John Masters so awesome!


As a salon owner, I have been meaning to share with you all that the Cider Vinegar Rinse is the best product. It really clarifies the hair and, since it balances the PH, really brightens the ends. I have been using it on everyone after I shampoo and there is a noticeable difference. It makes me look really good! And my clients look great. It is like a caffeine for the hair shaft. Brightens and perks thing s up. Just wanted to share.


I am so blown away by how AMAZING my hair looks from using your products ( Lavender rosemary shampoo for normal hair, Lavender & avocado intensive conditioner, Honey & hibiscus hair reconstructor, Herbal cider hair clarifier & color sealer ). I have baby fine hair but a lot of it. Nothing has ever made my hair look and feel so RICH. I now have volume with bounce, moisture and shine! I have always had flat, limp, lifeless hair and i tried so so so many products to find they did nothing for my hair. But not anymore...Thank you, thank you! I am in love!!!.


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