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Simply put, these are an outstanding products. I have been using the Hair Pomade, Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructing shampoo and conditioner for almost 3 years now. Top products made with certified-organic extracts ensures the highest quality and result. This is the only brand I trust. I am pleased that the Hair Pomade got the USDA-certified organic formula. These products nourish my scalp and increase moisture and shine while making my hair smooth, more manageable and providing organic nutrients for a healthy look. I have used Mandarin Maximum Moisture samples and it instantaneously nourished my skin, bringing balance and sealing in moisture for smoother, younger-looking skin. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for such great products.


I have used Aveda products for more than 20 years thinking I was using natural, not so. Was at a organic loss when I was thrown out into the masses to find something. Tons out there. My hair is short, course, and thick. Lacks shine as well. I have been using this pomade for months now and I LOVE! I can't remember now how I even found out about this line. I also use the styling gel. I'm about to order the shampoo as well. My hair seems so much healthier. I can run my hands thru it and get the style back quickly. On my 2nd day, I just flat iron and pomade and I'm good to go. My hair doesn't fall out as much either. I used to have a lot on my pillow. I have a habit of twisting my hair, it used to break easily when I did, now it just slides thru my fingers.


I just wanted to say I finally got to try your Pomade and I absoloutely love it! I have really long hair and I love how it smooths down the flyaway hairs that stick up on the top. It also makes the lengths of the hair so soft. It has such a nice, fresh and woody scent with what smells to me like some slight notes of Vanilla to it. The best part is knowing I can use such a nice product without worrying about having any allergic reactions since you meet USDA Organic specifications. So I had to let you know, I'll always purchase this product and I can't wait to try more of your products such as the Bearberry facial serum. Thanks again!


I absolutely love your hair pomade. I will be lost if you ever stop making it. Thanks for your products!


I love the way the your hair pomade makes my hair smell. I love the way the pomade makes my hair look. A tiny bit rubbed into my damp hair makes it look thicker, blacker, curlier and leaves a great smell wafting around my head all day long. So glad I found you John Masters Hair Pomade.


Hello John Masters -- what a bunch of incredibly wonderful products you've developed! I am the most persnickety person I (anyone who knows me agrees!) know. I know what i want & it needs to be safe, fabulous, and effective. My entrance into the world of organics, etc began more than 35 yrs ago, so this is a big priority for me, times have really changed! Hair care products were something I always avoided - I like my hair to be shiny (w/out a shine product) and soft. A new short haircut forced me to find a product for some control & after many so-called "natural" products - I decided to try your pomade -WOW!!! I love it. Got a wee bit more thaan I'll usually need, but it just looks like the "somewhat wet" style and feels & smells so good - i won't mind sleeping in this - or having anyones fingers moving thru it! now I can add your hair care porducts to some of the skin care itms I began using a few years ago, which i also love -- as i approach my 60's everyone says I look 40!.


Thank you! This is the only truly all-natural pomade I've found on the internet. Looking forward to trying it!


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