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I feel compelled to write and tell you that your dry hair nourisher and defrizzer has, literally, completely changed the texture of my hair from its overly dry, coarse normal state to a lush, soft mop that I kind of can't help but run my hands through several times a day. I've always had dry hair, but since I've been going gray, its become ever coarser and more frizzy. Just to give you an idea, I can't wash it more than once every five days or so or else it turns into a total frizz mop. I've been putting five to six drops of your defrizzer in twice a day (yes, it's that dry) and finally at almost age 50 I, no stranger to hair product, finally enjoy the feeling (and look!) of my hair. The fact that your product costs considerably less than most of the other hair oils I've been buying makes me all the happier. Thanks so much for such a great product.


I have wavy highlighted hair that has seemed to get duller and frizzier every year. At 49 I still have to wash my hair every day, and blow it dry, and I felt like I was making it worse and worse. The first time I saw my stylist after finding your products, she asked me what I had changed. She said she had never seen such a dramatic change in the condition of anyone’s hair in six weeks. It was the middle of a very cold February, heat blasting, and my hair was soft and markedly better hydrated that at my previous visit. It’s also growing faster, according to my stylist. My simple routine is your Lavender Rosemary Shampoo, Honey Hibiscus Reconstructor (left on during shower, and left on wet hair overnight once a week), and your Dry Hair Nourisher and Defrizzer. I’m growing my hair longer these days because it’s so healthy, and raking in the compliments--I give all the credit to you when friends comment. My ends feel soft and blunt--like they were just cut. I love the fact that your website offers big bottles that save money and trips to the store--thanks for making such great products. I’m going to try the Vitamin C anti-aging serum next... I have very sensitive skin and am usually loathe to experiment, so this is a tribute to my trust, which your products have earned. If salons knew what a difference your products could make, they’d all use them in their sinks and sell them.


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