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2007 SHAPE Latvia Cosmetic Awards

Shape Latvia magazine 2007 Cosmetics AwardFebruary 20, 2008, John Masters Organics skincare line won 5 out of 11 categories in the organic beauty sector in recent SHAPE Latvia cosmetic award.

The 2007 SHAPE Latvia Cosmetic Award is an annual award that recognizes the best personal care products available. John Masters Organics was up against well known brands such as Avon, Lancome, Phytomer, The Body Shop, L'Oreal, Dove, Biotherm, and Make Up Forever, amongst others.

Best Hair Care
John Masters Organics Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment & Volumizer for Thinning Hair

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The San Francisco Examiner makeup blogger tested John Masters Organics Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment & Volumizer and called it "magical", noting the "positive change" that gave her hair "luxurious volume and shine".

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I just wanted to compliment your fabulous deep scalp follicle treatment & volumizer. I've been trying to grow out my hair for almost three years now, but because of how much damage its been through it just wouldn't budge- until I bought your product. I never write to companies or even reviews but this one definitely deserved the email and recognition. Once again, fabulous product! Thank you so much. I will most certainly be visiting your site more often.


Last night, I tried the Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment and Volumizer for the first time. I was very pleased with the results!! I have thin, fine hair and my scalp can be seen. However, after using this product and styling my hair, my scalp was not clearly visible. My hair looked fuller! This definitely gives me more confidence and less self-conscious. I'm going to continue using the Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment and Volumizer, hoping the results will continue to be positive.


I received my order, Honey & Hibiscus Reconstructing shampoo & conditioner, Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment, and the 100% Argan Oil on time and was very excited to start my new hair treatment. I've used all the products and just want to give a great big "Thank You" to John Masters for creating this wonderful haircare. I am very pleased with the results after using the products. My hair which use to be dry after my shampoos now feels very soft and moisturized. It look so shiny and silky and wasn't weighed down with greasy products. I am an African American woman, transitioning from chemically relaxed hair to natural hair. It has been almost 6 mos. since I have used chemicals in my hair and I have been having a hard time finding a product that will keep my hair moisturized and soft without loads of products weighing my hair down. The products I used really helped the task of blow drying and then flat ironing my hair. I think I will be a John Masters Organic Haircare fan for a long time. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I did not purchase the follicle treatment to "grow" hair, but it has grown hair on the part of my scalp where it had been thinning. It is amazing stuff and I have three bottles on hand.

Hello. I tried your follicle treatment for thinning hair and volumizer last summer. My edges were thin and I was getting my hair braided to give it a rest from daily maintenance. WOW, what an awesome surprise when I took my braids out. My hair was thicker, and I had grown hair around my edges where it had been very thin hair, or none. I didn't know if your products would work on ethnic AA mixed hair like mine, but I'm glad that I took the chance and tried your product. I love that the ingredients are organic too, my hair really loves it! Thank you so much. I wish it came in a larger size! I just ordered 2 more bottles, and I plan to keep using this!


I never considered using a product for my scalp to increase my overall hair health. After seeing the health of my scalp greatly improve with use of your deep scalp follicle treatment I am hooked. I never thought I could be a person that could skip a shampoo but this product has allowed me to do so. It controls the oil that my hair produces and also stopping that greasy hair smell. My hair has become incredibly shiny and I notice it to be thicker when I place it in a pony after introducing this product which I have been using for about 2 months. I recommend this product to anyone who wants shinier healthier hair and especially to those who are experiencing any scalp issues. This scalp treatment has become a hair-care must.


I have so much new hair growing thanks to the Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment! This product (along with the Rosemary Lavender Shampoo and Lavender Avocado Conditioner) has totally turned my hair around. My hair was falling out because my scalp was so dry and irritated from a "designer" shampoo I was using on my stylist's recommendation. I'm only 23 years old so obviously this put me in panic mode. But since I've been using the combination of these three products, I have noticed a significant amount of new growth, especially along my hairline, and my hair loss has also slowed significantly. Thank you again! Great products and customer service from JMO as always!


Your Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment is the only product I have ever found that works for my scalp. I have tried 15 plus concoctions, and this keeps me dandruff free as my scalp is extremely sensitive... Thanks Guys! I will do a commercial or something for a lifetime supply hahahhaa


I am 58 and recently had major surgery. I noticed ALOT of my hair was falling out so I worried. After doing some research, I found that alot of people had the same complaint and said this was *common* after major surgery. I bought your Scalp Follicle for Thinning Hair thinking, "what the heck....if it works, great, if it doesn't, it doesn't". Honestly, I only used this ONE TIME in the front around my hairline so that I could monitor and see if anything grew. It DID! I have new hair growth that is about 3-4 inches long at the temples and front of my head. There was no way to ignore it because when the top came through, it would stick straight up, not going to the left or the right so it pretty much announced itself to everyone! I bought this for my other half. If just ONE USE did this to me, I hope it works for him. I am currently going to use this on the rest of my head. I am AMAZED at how fast and well this worked that I have decided to use this on the rest of my hair. Thank you for such a GREAT product. I couldn't be happier!


The Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment is amazing! I have thin, fine hair, and it seems to get thinner with age. A few years ago, I started to get enough hair loss to create a bald patch. I tried just about every hair growth product on the market, but nothing worked. As soon as I started to use your product, the hair loss diminished and returned to normal. I am now on my second bottle, and I have new hair growth - about an inch long! I am using the follicle treatment with your hibiscus shampoo.


I saw an add in my local co-op's circular for your Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment & Volumizer for Thinning Hair and place an order last month for the product. I have had dreadlocks in my hair for 17 years, I keep my head covered and over the years the hair on top of my head has become alarmingly thin. I try to make sure that my scalp has good circulation etc Long story short, I have tried nearly every natural/organic product on the market for thinning hair and yours worked the best! I could see results in 2 weeks. I just re-ordered some today. I really love the product and will let everyone I know about it.


I would like to say I have been using John Masters Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment for about 6 weeks as my hair was really getting thin at the roots. I am totally amazed as I now have loads of new hair growth at the roots. Plus it is all natural Brilliant!.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your deep scalp follicle treatment and volumizer !!! It's noticeably reduced my hair loss and made it appear THICKER. I'm ordering MORE!!! Can't wait to try your lavender & rosemary shampoo and lavender & avocado conditioner! Thanks so much for offering organic options!!! Your stuff really ROCKS, JMO!!! xxxxoooo.


I am here to testify that your organization has helped me in ways that are immeasurable. I am a 53 year old woman who was experiencing menopausal hair loss (top patch balding)---no matter what side I parted my hair on, the scalp could be seen. I bought 3 bottles of the Deep Follicle treatment for myself and two friends who were having the same hair issues. The first thing we all noticed is that our hair was so soft and voluminous that we couldn't quit touching it. Within 6 weeks we all noticed some type of hair regrowth. My patches are fading, my one friend's hairline is growing in, and my other friend's hair grew in so well that her whole hairstyle became different. I have since ordered 3 more bottles for myself and two other friends. As you can see I love sharing my good fortune. I had to share my thoughts with the folks who should never wonder what good deed they have done. Even if all my hair grows back I would still continue to use this wonderful product because of the way it makes my hair feel and look. Happy New Year and continue the good work.


Your Blood Orange and Vanilla body lotion is the best! I keep reordering it from an online site and I will continue to do so. Great moisturizing and I love the scent. Your hair thinning product is wonderful. I bought it for my husband ... but I noticed he would forget to use it, so I took it in my bathroom and really like the way it adds body (but no residue) to my hair! I'll try your other products because of the wonderful results I've had from the ones I have already ordered.


Hi! I use your deep scalp treatment and honey reconstructor & I love it all! It has done wonders for my scalp & hair! I'm very excited to try the rest of your products! Thank you for offering smart organic products! Best

- Jenn

First of all I would like to compliment you on your organic hair range! I’ve tried many brands that claimed to be organic or holistic but looking at the back of the bottle I still could see a pile of "chemical" ingredients. I started to develop, just behind my ear on my scalp, a small round patch of Eczema and then I started looking for purely organic hair products, convinced that all these "chemicals" were causing a lot of damage to the skin (I had been using organic skincare already for a long time). Eventually, after some intensive internet searching I ran into your website and your products. And now, John, I am addicted to them and I always order them from the UK website. The smell is absolutely outrageously nice and I am a great fan of your Zinc & Sage shampoo, Neroli Detangler, Lavender & Avodaco conditioner, the Hibiscus Reconstructor, and the Volumizer for Thinning hair. But best of all, using your products my eczema actually fully disappeared and has never returned since; plus no more dandruff and no more itching scalp.


I recently purchased the deep scalp follicle treatment and volumizer for thinning hair. I love it! My hair was drastically thinning in the front and I saw this product at Whole Foods and I thought I would give it a try. From the first application my hair looked and felt thicker and my hair line is growing back! Thanks so much!


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