John Masters Organics new Scalp System

new john masters organics scalp system!


make every day a good hair day

  October, 2013
Great looking hair starts with a healthy scalp. Prevent hair loss, remove excess build-up and stimulate new growth with these NEW organic haircare products from John Masters Organics. Used in the brand’s signature Shiatsu Scalp & Hair Treatment, these effective grooming products will ensure your scalp is at its healthiest all year round.

Scalp System for Optimal Hair Growth

Recommended for people experiencing hair and scalp issues

The early signs of aging hair

  • • Thinning hair
    • Hair loss
    • Damaged hair
    • Dry hair
    • Frizzy hair

  • • Split ends
    • Lack-luster hair
    • Limp hair
    • Unmanageable hair
    • Premature gray hair

• This system is beneficial for consumers who are having hair and scalp issues, whether
   it be limp, unmanageable hair, hair loss, damaged hair, itchy, flaky scalp or dandruff.
• These products can be used individually or as a 3-step system.

john masters organics scalp system method

Achieve & Maintain Beautiful Hair With This 3-step Scalp & Hair Renewal System

  • 1. cleanse

    spearmint & meadowsweet scalp stimulating shampoo

    Key points:

    • Removes dirt & oil
    • Prevents inflammation and keep
      scalp healthy
    • Controls excess sebum production

  • 2. treat

    deep scalp purifying serum

    Key points:

    • Softens and nourishes the scalp
    • Alleviates inflammation
    • Brings scalp back to its natural pH

  • 3. stimulate

    deep scalp follicle treatment & volumizer for thinning hair

    Key points:

    • Stimulates hair growth
    • Promotes blood circulation for
      optimal scalp conditions
    • Builds volume in hair