new john masters organics color conditioners!

John Masters Organics new Color Conditioners

July 31, 2014

Enhance, Brighten & Prolong Your Hair Color!

Boost your hair color the natural way with NEW Color Enhancing Conditioners from John Masters Organics. Each is formulated with naturally derived color enhancing mineral pigments, including iron oxide and riboflavin, as well as a patented micro-protein compound made from moringa seeds. This revolutionary formula, including organic essential oils, will both preserve your color's vibrancy and adding depth.

Available in four shades, for those with blond, brown, red, and black hair, these Color Enhancing Conditioners gradually add pigment to your locks with each use, resulting in rich color as well as extra shine. Ideal for renewing and maintaining professional hair color in between salon visits, these conditioners are also perfect for giving a boost to natural hair color. They are meticulously formulated and will not dye skin or bleed when in contact with perspiration or sebum.

all-natural, color-enhancing conditioners in four shades

John Masters Organics uses a unique extension system to imbue natural pigment into the hair surface little by little each day, giving it a rich, healthy-looking color. The natural color-mineral pigments preserve color and add more shine and depth. The formula is a combination of flaxseed, jojoba seed and sunflower seed oils mixed with iron oxide, riboflavin or carmine pigments. The composition of these three oils mimics hair's naturally produced oils, penetrating beneath the hair's surface and infusing the follicles with pigment to enhance its color and vibrancy.

As you can expect from a salon brand committed to quality, John Masters Organics' Color Enhancing Conditioners will not bleed onto clothes or towels and will not dye the skin. They can be used daily to maintain natural or color-treated hair and help retain color between salon appointments, or you can use them to boost color vibrancy before a special event.

Our new color-enhancing conditioners:

• Brighten and enhance hair color
• Extend the time between hair salon appointments
• Protect against color fading
• Seal the hair's cuticle to lock in color
• Condition and moisturize
• Protect against sun damage
• Create a smooth, shiny finish


Q. Will color conditioners 'dye' my hair?
A. They will not 'dye' the hair on their own, but with daily use they will maintain color brightness between dye appointments. By reducing the frequency of coloring, it can reduce hair damage.

Q. Can they be used every day?
A. Yes! Daily use will help maintain color brightness.

Q: I don't color my hair--can I use these color conditioners, too?
A: Yes! The all-natural mineral pigments will give a 'boost' to your natural hair color.

Q. Will the color stain my towels or clothes?
A. If you rinse your hair well, the conditioner should not stain your towels or clothing. If there is some color transfer, it can be easily washed out in the laundry. If you have a marble bath, it's recommended that you consult with the manufacturer before use.

Q. Can they be used to color white hair?
A. They will not color white hair, but they will extend the life of your colored hair.

Q. Can color conditioners be used during pregnancy?
A. Yes, they can. Our color conditioners are 100% natural, with 85% organic ingredients.

Q. Can I mix different color conditioners together?
A. The conditioners are not formulated for mixing in one application, so it's recommended that you change colors from day to day. For example, if you have dark brown hair, use the black conditioner five times a week, and the brown twice a week.

Q: Why does John Masters Organics only provide color conditioners and not color shampoos?
A: Our shampoos are each formulated to address specific hair requirements or issues, in addition to providing an all-natural cleansing. With this system, you can still address your hair's particular needs, and then use the color conditioner to condition and boost color.