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I am always pleased with the products I have purchased! The quality is excellent and they are delivered promptly/well packaged. My favorite products are the blood orange/vanilla body wash & body milk, the lavender/avacado conditioner & Lip Calm. Lip Calm moisturizes my lips without the typical waxy feeling that you get from other chapsticks. It feels great on your lips! Plus, the lemon lime scent smells wonderful! I use it daily, multiple times throughout the day.


I have been using various JMO products for 4 months with great results. Approximately 2 months ago, I purchased the Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Wash and Body Milk. The body wash is gentle and non-irritating with a very pleasant aroma. I can be very difficult to please with a body lotion because I require a very moisturizing product but I can't stand a greasy feel. The body milk is light, absorbs quickly, very moisturizing, and also has a very pleasant aroma (that doesn't compete with perfume). All of that being said, I was completely satisfied with both products. After a few weeks use, I discovered a pretty amazing added bonus. For many years, I have had tiny bumps on my upper arms (Keratosis Pilaris). I have tried many products over the past 20 years, including a prescription cream prescribed by a dermatologist, without ever achieving the desired result. I had resigned myself to living with this condition. After I began using the Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Wash and Body Milk, I started noticing a visable difference in the texture of my skin, particularly the skin on my arms. The bumps were disappearing. After two months of use, they are virtually smooth. Thank you for providing such healthy and effective products! I have now ordered the 35 oz size of both products for additional savings. I'm sure I will be loyal to these products for a long time!


I just have to say that the Blood Orange and Vanilla body wash scent is DIVINE! Please make some more products with this incredible scent. I am really only interested in non-synthetic fragrances these days and before I found this body wash I thought I would never find a "clean" body wash with fragrance. Please make a bath oil and body oil with this fragrance. Pretty please! :)


Hello, I wanted to share that I truly enjoy using your products. They really work, yet are gentle on my sensitive skin. Today, I used the Blood Orange and Vanilla body wash and body milk. They were luxurious and left my skin smooth and lovely. And, as the bottle stated, the fragrance is euphoric. My five-year-old son said it smelled like candy and he loved it. Keep up the good work.


I first noticed the John Masters Organics - Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Wash on the shelf at Whole Foods. The moment I opened the recyclable (#1 plastic) bottle, I put it in my shopping cart. Since that day, about a year and a half ago, I have not used any other body wash. The scent is amazing and does NOT becoming boring after extended use. To have a high quality organic body wash that smells beyond the praise I could give, is sure a luxury! I am thankful for the team and their consistent products. I am 25 years old and live in the Northeast. The product never dries my skin out in the winter and in the summer makes my skin feel awesome and very clean. The body was gives a perfect amount of foam to the lather as well which is great. If you are reading this and have access to the product in your local store, I honestly suggest you head out and grab a bottle now. If you haven't seen it in your local store then I would order it on their website! - - hope you enjoy!


To all concerned,
I received a sample of the Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Wash in mail when I ordered something online, and I am hooked!!! I just found out I am pregnant so I threw away all things with harsh chemicals and I am so very happy to have tried yours. I almost threw it away! Thank you for your products, your website, and above all your time and attention.


I just wanted to send you a note to say I LOVE your products. Love the body lotion , love the shower gel , love the facial mask , etc, etc. Anyway, thank you for making fabulous products without a lot of crap in them! :-)


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