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I cannot praise John Masters Organics enough for the Bare Unscented Line which, truthfully, I tried on a whim when looking for a good unscented lotion. The Bare Unscented Lotion is fantastic. It absorbs quickly leaving my skin extremely soft. The best part is that it's actually unscented, which a huge deal for scent sensitive people. No more dry hands or smell induced headaches here! I would recommend the lotion to anyone and will buy it again. Then there is the Bare Unscented Shampoo and Detangler. Prior to trying a completely natural shampoo my scalp was always itchy and irritated. I kept thinking I needed a stronger dandruff treatment, but little did I know, that it can be the chemicals in traditional shampoos that cause the itch and irritation. My scalp has done a complete turn around since using JMO's shampoo and detangler. In fact, I made the mistake of once using traditional shampoo when out of town and my scalp was insanely itchy for two days. I definitely recommend the shampoo and detangler, but be warned, you may catch yourself sniffing your hair and being surprised at the lack of scent. Thank you John Masters for improving a more personal part of my life.


I just wanted to tell you that the John Masters Bare body lotion is, without a doubt, the absolute best body lotion I have ever used, and I am thrilled to have found it. I am 55 years old, have been "organically aware" for about 20 years, and have tried and tried and tried organic (or mostly organic) lotions until I despaired. John Masters Bare body lotion makes my skin look fabulous! All day!! Please don't ever change it or stop making it. (Actually, that's the real reason I'm writing - to beg for that.) Regards and many thanks,


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