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I already loved spritzing my face & my daughter's face with your fabulous lavender hydrating mist, but I've now discovered another use for it that is just amazing for air drying my wavy/curly dry hair....I mist your Lavender Hydrating Mist all over my hair then immediately rub several drops of your Argan Oil between my hands and smooth over my hair. This is such an amazing combination for air-dried hair that has a little bit of light frizz to it from the air drying - it takes all the frizz away and adds a lovely healthy shine. I thought perhaps you might want to add that to the list of uses for each product on your website, so that other customers who air-dry their hair might want to try the two in combination as I do! Love it! (the combo works great as a team, individually each product is lovely for other uses but together are amazing duo for hair!) Thanks again for all your incredible products. We own & use so many of them that my husband said the other night "I feel like John Masters is a member of our family now!" because our whole shower stall and bathroom counter are full of JMO products :)


I just wanted to inform John Masters Organics that I've been using the 100% argan oil as a day and night moisturizer for 3 months now and soon after i began using it, my blemishes went away. My face is now clear - not from the topical medication my Dermatologist prescribed me- but from the argan oil. Thanks!


I received my order, Honey & Hibiscus Reconstructing shampoo & conditioner, Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment, and the 100% Argan Oil on time and was very excited to start my new hair treatment. I've used all the products and just want to give a great big "Thank You" to John Masters for creating this wonderful haircare. I am very pleased with the results after using the products. My hair which use to be dry after my shampoos now feels very soft and moisturized. It look so shiny and silky and wasn't weighed down with greasy products. I am an African American woman, transitioning from chemically relaxed hair to natural hair. It has been almost 6 mos. since I have used chemicals in my hair and I have been having a hard time finding a product that will keep my hair moisturized and soft without loads of products weighing my hair down. The products I used really helped the task of blow drying and then flat ironing my hair. I think I will be a John Masters Organic Haircare fan for a long time. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I have just learned that all argan oil products are not created equal. This John Masters product is wonderful to use on your skin or hair, and it really softens and treats the way I have always heard argan oil should. Since it is 100% argan oil, it doesn't have added silicones in it like some hair products with argan do, and it has a much nicer consistency than a different 100% argan oil I tried previously. With that one, I wondered what all the fuss was about because I really didn't like it, and it was extremely runny. With John Masters' oil I like to put just a couple of drops in my palms, rub them together, and run them through my hair; this really adds smoothness and shine to hair that is colored and abused by heat appliances. This is another really nice product from a great company.


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